2018 New Media Workshop

與來自比利時的舞者Vakulya Zoltán合作,我們使用特殊的材料 ⸺ 水寫紙,將水畫在紙上時,透明的水會變成黑色墨跡,根據這個材質特性,我們進行一段視覺演出以表達主題「時間」。



Work with Vakulya Zoltán, a dancer who comes from Belgium. We use a special material—— when we put water on the paper, transparent water will turn to black track, according to this feature, we make a performance to show the “Time”.


We used two projectors to stitch the images and fill the entire canvas. The surrounding space projections have real-time display screens covering the entire ceiling for recording and allowing dancers to watch his performances, while the other three have video dynamics to create an overall atmosphere. We adjusted the projector during the intensive work camp, constantly tested the balance between the angle and the image, and projected it on the wall, finally completing the entire performance and visual integration design.






我負責投影機的動畫和後期製作的影片和照片。 除此之外,我與夥伴一起架設了6台投影機和水寫紙場地。


I am in charge of the animation of the projector and post-production video and photos. In addition to this, I also set up the projector and the paper with others.​​​​​​​




Year / 2018

Type / New Media & Performance art

Dance / Vakulya Zoltán

Stage cooperation & Designers / Wei-Tzu Lu, Po-Yu Ko,

Wan-Rong Tseng, Jong-Wei Chang, Rong-Rong Chang