The passing measures

2020 鈕扣計畫 New Choreographer 十週年演出活動





從2018的創新工作營延續,再次與Vakulya Zoltán合作舞台設計,將作品帶到國家兩廳院進行演出:在歐洲因疫情經歷各國封鎖時,我們試圖將被受限的房間帶進劇場,用特殊的材質與物理現象去表現那些被遺忘的時間。


2020 New Choreographer 10th Anniversary Performance

From the moment the day was suspended, within a limited range, the sound and two bodies reverberated, let us slowly arrange another time and space, and step by step, each other and the forgotten time were measured.


Continuing from the 2018 innovation work camp, we once again collaborated with Vakulya Zoltan on stage design, and brought the works to the two halls of the country for performances: when Europe was experiencing blockades from various countries due to the epidemic, we tried to bring restricted rooms into the theater, using special The materials and physical phenomena are used to express those forgotten times.








Year / 2020

Type / Performance art

Choreographer / Vakulya Zoltán, Chen-Wei Lee

Dance / Vakulya Zoltán, Pei-Yu Hung

Stage cooperation & Designers / Wei-Tzu Lu, Po-Yu Ko,

Wan-Rong Tseng, Jong-Wei Chang, Rong-Rong Chang